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i thought i would stop after the first one but uh

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there is no reason for him to have a bandage around his head here

but i imagine he put it on himself

he probably had a headache for the first time and had no idea what it was or how to fix it

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DMMD Episode 9: Clear | 1/14 › »
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“fuck it” tends to be the last thought running through my mind before making any final decisions

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i went shopping for school supplies yesterday

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Natalie Dormer at the 2014 Emmy Awards (and the HBO After-Party)

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Fans are taking ‘Where’s Gamora?’ into their own hands

As many frustrated fans have pointed out online, much of the official Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise leaves out Gamora, one of the movie’s five titular Guardians, played by Zoe Saldana. Though Gamora has an equal amount of screen time as her male colleagues, and Saldana is second-billed after Chris Pratt, Gamora is mysteriously absent in some egregious ways.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new

apparently boys can’t wear pictures of women on their shirts

as opposed to women … who also aren’t allowed to wear pictures of women on their shirts

ARE there gotg shirts made for women?? 

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I will protect this little duckling pastel prince with every fiber of my being, holy cheezits, he deserves all the happiness in the world.

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